Taobao Consolidation Note:

Shipping instructions and embargo regulations

1. The company refuses to carry the following items
    1. Dangerous items such as easy to be easy, lethal, explosive and radioactive
    2. Drugs and related equipment
    3. Items that infringe trademarks, copyrights, works, etc.
    4. Currency, value-added tax invoices, other tax receipts, debt securities, gold and silver treasures, antique precious metals
    5. Animals, plants and seeds

2. There is no upper limit on the combined quantity for each order.

3. The damage loss of the goods will be compensated at three times the freight. The claim period is seven days from the date of receipt. Late claims will not be accepted by the company.

4. Goods whose volumetric weight calculation is greater than the actual weight will be calculated by volumetric weight:
   (Length x width x height (cm) )÷6000 = charge weight (KG)

5. The areas that charge additional fees will be modified according to the situation, and all parties will use the assessment of remittance purchases as the final charging standard.

6. If you need to deliver to a new address, you can enter the Chinese address in the new address column when confirming the order.

7. In order to protect customers, the logistics company will only deliver the goods according to the address on the order: if the delivery address needs to be changed, the customer needs to contact the delivery company.

8. If the customer provides other work residence addresses other than the receiver, the company will not be responsible for any problems during delivery.

9. If the designated address requested by the customer does not have an elevator, the logistics company will not go upstairs for delivery and will contact the customer to pick up the goods on the ground.

10. The picker must show his identity document to verify his identity and record. The purpose of these regulations is to confirm the identity of the pick-up person for security reasons before picking up the goods. If it involves illegal activities, the information needs to be used for proof to assist the police in investigating.

11. The customer must check the number of the waybill number and confirm the original packaging when signing for the goods. If any problems are found, they should immediately report to the dispatcher.

12. All glass and fragile items are not responsible for damages to the port.

13. The domestic Dongguan warehouse refuses to accept any freight collect parcels, surface mail parcels without logistics tracking number.

14. If the additional weight is less than 0.5 kg, it is calculated as 0.5 kg.

15. If the delivery address is within the scope of a village house, it must be delivered at the entrance of the village.

16. If express delivery is selected, the unilateral length of the goods cannot exceed 180 cm.

17. If you choose a self-pickup station for shops, the length of one side of the goods cannot exceed 150 cm.

18. The Dongguan warehouse provides forty-five days of free storage, and a storage fee of HK$5 for each piece of goods per day overdue will be charged. The shipment must arrive at the logistics center
( Send it within 60 days, otherwise it will be treated as a waste, and the company will handle it by itself, and the owner shall not object.)

19. The length of one side of the goods exceeds 100 cm, and it will be calculated as 3KG.

20. If the goods are lost after the receipt is confirmed in the domestic warehouse, the maximum compensation is HK$200


The following items are forbidden to be transported. If found, they will not be shipped. This website can be returned to the sender, and the return shipping fee shall be paid by the owner.

1. Explosives: such as fireworks and firecrackers, detonating fuzes, etc.;

2. Gas: such as compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguisher, gas cylinder (without discharge device, can not be refilled), life-saving device (automatically expandable), etc.;

3. Flammable liquids: such as paint, gasoline, alcohol, motor oil, camphor oil, engine starting fluid, turpentine, thinner, glue, perfume, etc.;

4. Flammable solids: spontaneously combustible substances, substances that release flammable gas in contact with water, such as activated carbon, titanium powder, dried copra, castor products, rubber crumbs, safety matches (box wiped wiped), dry White phosphorus, dry yellow phosphorus, magnesium powder, etc.;

5. Oxidants and organic peroxides: such as potassium permanganate;

6. Toxic and infectious substances: such as pesticides, lithium batteries, tear gas, etc.;

7. Radioactive material;

8. Corrosive products: such as batteries, alkaline battery fluid.

9. Magnets, magnetic steel and other products containing strong magnets without degaussing protective packaging.

10. Any medicine.

11. Other air-prohibited items, such as: powdered items (regardless of the color), liquids (regardless of the packaging used), goods with hazard signs, audiovisual products (including CDs, VCD), knives, durians, gas lighters, any goods (including toys) involving the concepts of "weapons" and "guns", etc.