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Taiwan air express express latest price list

1. About the price: the quoted currency is RMB, the weight unit is per kilogram, and less than 1 kilogram is taken for 1 kilogram. Items not listed above need to be consulted.

2, on the tax package: the above quotation of general parcels and charged parcels are not tax-included prices, if you need to cover the tax per KG plus 1 yuan. Special parcels are the default package tax.

3, the first weight continued: 1-10KG parcels according to the first continuous re-rating, the first KG is the first weight, the second KG is 1 per continuation weight per 1KG.

More than 11KG is charged directly per KG.

4. About volume: If the volume weight is greater than the actual weight, it will be charged according to the volumetric weight.

Volume calculation formula: length * width * height CM / 6000 = volume weight.

Volume billing method: volume weight + actual weight / 2 = volume billing weight.

5. Note: The actual weight of a single piece exceeding 70KG or the size exceeding 245*85*75CM needs to be consulted separately.

6. Embargoed goods: seed plants, meat, agricultural products, electronic cigarettes, smoke oil, fresh goods, medicines, corrosive, flammable and explosive, other contraband, etc.



Why do you want to receive the first weight now?

Regarding the issue of the first weight, it has always been the case. Before it was less than 11KG, it was 15 yuan. It is the same meaning as it is now, for better practical operation and continuous improvement.

Is there only three categories of package types now?

Yes, receiving multiple dear customer responses to the instant package type is too complicated, so made only three categories as modified above.

When will the price start to be implemented?

In the case of a momentary reduction, all of them are implemented down to the customer from now on. In the case of a short-term increase, they are all announced to raise the announcement first, and then they will be absorbed to the customer after one week of self-absorption.